We aim to provide you with the same relaxed friendly place to practice and record that you are used to however things are a little different for the moment.

Our priority is your safety and of course, the safety of our team. During this pandemic we are doing everything we can to provide a safe and relaxed place to hang.

For our team we have implemented extra precautions to protect everyone, so the operation may run a little more slowly as we get used to this, please bear with us as we get these in place.

To create a safe environment some of the things we are doing are here below.

Conducting a deep clean of all of the complex.

We have reviewed all areas of the building and scheduled regular cleaning and sanitisation. This is focused on high traffic areas, regular touch points like handles and handrails and equipment.

We have purchased a UV microphone sterilizer which kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria as well as other products to allow us to sanitise equipment after use.

We have implemented social distancing guidelines, for example; 2m markings on the corridor floors.

Passing points marked in the corridors.

2m markings in studios to assist with distancing.

Sessions have been spaced out to allow for cleaning between sessions and separation of people.

Hand sanitiser is provided at strategic locations, notably entry and exit points.

Our teams have face coverings to wear when closer than 2m

To beat this virus and prevent further spread we need to work together. This is what we need you and the bands to agree to;

Do not enter the building if you are displaying or have been exposed to COVID symptoms.

Commit to allow non contact temperature reading on arrival.

Above 37.3 0C precludes entry.

Sanitise or wash hands on entry and exit of each area.

Follow the social distancing guidelines displayed at Gun Factory.

Wear a face covering when within 2m of Gun Factory staff members.

When passing in corridors use marked passing points and face away from each other.

In your reply email we need you to provide the name and contact details of everyone attending.

Data will be kept following data storage requirements.

This may be used for government contact tracing

The person making the booking is responsible for passing this information to the rest of the group. Together we can keep the practice area safe for use and prevent further spread of the virus.
We will continually review our provisions and aim to return normality as soon as is safely possible.


Bookings to be conducted online or via phone. Actions taken by Gun Factory to create a safe work environment to be shared with client.

List of actions to be followed by client to be included in the booking confimation. Obtain written agreement to use Gun Factory Protocols and follow handwashing guidance, face coverings and remain 2m distant from each other prior to confirming booking.

Meet and greet.

Where possible meet and greet to be conducted over intercom, not face to face. For new bookings who require assistance all parties will need to;

Verify hand sanitiser used on arrival.
Wear face coverings.
Remain 2m distant.
Submit to a no contact temperature verification.

Minimise face to face contact.

Room preperation, cleaning.

After rehersals a room will be left empty and ventilating for 20 minutes prior to cleaning.
Rooms will be cleaned in accordance with Gun Factory cleaning protocol.
Single cleaner per room wearing mask and gloves.
Once cleaning is complete the room is ready for use.

Room preperation, equipment.

After rehearsals a room will be left empty and ventilated prior to cleaning. Rooms will be cleaned in accordance with Gun Factory cleaning protocol. Equipment will be sanitised in accordance with Gun Factory cleaning protoccols. Equiptment set up is to be conducted with the minimum number of persons in the room. Additional equipment brought in after room cleaning is complete will be wiped down with sanitiser.

In session equipment adjustment.

If employees are requested to assist during a session they are to verify; Their attendance will not break the 2m rule. If it will move the discussion to a larger area or outside.

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