This room is a size-able 7m x 7m. Like all our rooms it has A/C and a fresh air ventilation system. It is suitable for live pre-production, recording, playbacks, showcases, big band rehearsals. The Serge draping means the room can also be used for photo shoots, video production and live events
We have patched through into the recording studio, opening up the possibility for live video production, choir recordings or even an extra live room for larger recording sessions. The room is equipped with a 4K PA system for playback and rehearsal use.

Take a look at some live recordings here >


Mixing board - 16 Channel vintage Soundcraft desk 4K Rig with 2x 2.500
Power amps driving Deltec BX32 Subs & Gx15 top speakers
A 31 Graphic Eq
4 way Fold back system
Patchable Rack including:
Symetrix Quad Expander gates
2x Drawmer DL 221
Dual Compressor
Digitech Studio
V2 Quad 4in and 4 out Multi effects processor.

Bookings by the hour are restricted to a minimum 2hrs
Bookings of under 3hrs are restricted to being booked
within 5 days of the session.


Full day lockout
Mon - Fri (10am - 12.30am) £220
Sat & Sun (11am - 11pm) £150

Half day lockout
Mon - Fri (8hrs) £115
Sat & Sun (6hrs) £90

By the Hour (min 2hrs)
Mon - Fri (between 10am - 6.30pm) £16ph
Mon - Fri (between 6.30pm - 12.30am) £25ph
Sat & Sunday (11am - 11pm) £20ph