Beginning life as a project studio at the old site in Stoke Newington, GF mk2 has rapidly established itself as a competitive go to studio as budgets have become priority.

In the last year we have installed a vintage, 12 channel V series Neve mixing desk. This combined with a good selection of pre-amps, outboard, mics and accurate acoustically treated rooms, combine to give you a solid platform to produce quality recordings.

We are also patched in to the rehearsal room adjacent and the large showcase room enabling, if required, multiple recording e.g. choir or video production.

For recording services contact Trevor on 07791397383 or email,



Pro tools HD Accel III system with 192/ 16 input interface loaded with plug ins
Apple Mac Pro with Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro
Desk 12 Channel Neve V series Vintage Desk

Racked Pre Amps
Neve Vr x 2 Vintage
ASP Audient 008 mic pre 8 input
Digidesign mic pre 8 input
TL Audio VR 5051


MOHOG Mofet76 (Urie 1176 copy)
TL 2021 Valve
Drawmer LX 20 x 2
DBX 166 x 2
TL Audio VR 5051

Lexican MPX1

Prosonus Central Station Monitor system
B@W DM 604 S3 monitors
Yamaha NS 10 monitors

Adam A7 Powered monitors
Beyer Dynamic DT 100 @ DT770 Headphones Sennheiser, Ex and AKG


AKG D112 x 2
Ev RE20
Audex D2 x 3
Shure Sm 57s x 4

Shure KSM 141 x 2
Peluso CEMC 6 x 2
AKG 451B

Peluso 22-251
Se Mini
Audient AT4033a
AKG 3000


Oxygen 61 Midi Controller Korg Minilogue


All prices include set up and breaks.
Full day rate (incl' engineer) £250 (10hrs)
Half day rate (incl' engineer) £150 (5hrs)
Hourly rate (incl' engineer) £35ph (min 2hrs)

Dry Hire rates
Full day rate £175 (full opening hrs, weekend differs)
Hourly rate £25ph (min 2hrs)